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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm not sure if everyone has heard, but our surgery got postponed until Feb 19th because Isla got sick over Christmas. Our surgeon wants her to be healthy for four to six weeks prior to surgery, so we have been on complete germ lockdown since the holidays in hopes that we can keep the next surgery date. So far so good, but I am definitely getting cabin fever! And poor Gemma is along for the ride. It's not easy keeping a toddler home with you 24-7 without even being able to go to a park, but we're managing. It's just a shame that I have this time off from work to spend with my kids and all of it has to be spent indoors watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over and over and over, and not out enjoying Disneyland trips, or days at the park or know, all those things you wish you had time to do once you're back working. But it's all for the sake of Isla, which makes it's all worth it. And don't get me wrong...I am definitely enjoying every second that I get to spend with my kids, I just wish we could do more.

So now, we have been using the NAM for 3 months with 4 more weeks to go. We've had the nose stints in for 4 weeks now and there has already been such a dramatic difference in her nose! Her columella (the piece of skin between the nostrils) has grown from about .5mm to 3mm!! The doctor told us that by surgery date, he feels that Isla's columella will be just as long as every other kid her age...which makes me happy, because that just means less surgery for her in the future.

The hardest part about this last stretch with the NAM is the new taping technique. And once it's in, it's not coming out until bath time, or the tape gets wet from spit up and I have to redo it. But all the tape just hides her lower face completely and I'm just really looking forward to seeing her WHOLE or no repair.
Do you guys remember that show Home Improvements? Do you remember Mr Wilson the neighbor? You NEVER saw his whole face...the lower half was always covered up by the fence. Well...that's how I feel with Isla.

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