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Friday, May 31, 2013

Research, Research, Research

There's nothing like the feeling of forever, like waiting for the results of what could be the most life changing news of your entire existence. But, there's nothing else that I can do...but wait, and research!

I swear that I'm going to be an expert on cleft when this is all said and I should be right? But I've found that this is the most common birth defect that is out there, effecting 1 in 500 children around the world. Those are some pretty good odds, considering I have more facebook friends than that...I just happen to be the 1 in 500 of those that it has affected...but hey it had to be someone right, and they say God only gives you what you can handle. But give me a break God! You must think I'm one of the most bad ass women that has walked the earth for all the curve balls you've thrown at me throughout the years.

Anyways, not only is it super common, there is no known reason for why it happens. So I'm not to blame!! But then I thought...if it's so common, how come I don't know anyone that has had this? Well, it's because it's fixed so early that you would never know. Did you know Payton Manning, Tom Brokaw, Cheech Marin, Joaquin Phoenix, Carmit Bachar all had cleft lips (there's more, I just didn't want to keep posting). My point's out there and it can happen to anyone. And she looks just like everyone else to me...

If anyone would like to read more on cleft...this is probably the most informative site that I've found... . I haven't gotten in to reading much on the different syndromes that could be associated with it, because I feel like I don't need to freak myself out anymore. I read one and it wasn't I'll just stopped there. Plus, I'm staying hopeful that it's just a cleft and nothing more...

Since the news a few days ago, I've made another ultrasound appointment with a childhood friend of mine. The technology she has is the best in the area, so we'll be able to get a really good view of her and see just exactly what is going on in there. This appointment is for next Friday so stay tuned. The echo ultrasound for her heart testing is next week sometime, so hopefully we'll know the condition of her heart by then. I also made an appointment with a specialist at Rady's children's hospital for the end of June, to start getting some counseling on what is to come, get a second opinion and just to meet the doctor that will be doing her surgery.

I'm being as proactive and positive as I possibly can, which is definitely helping :)

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