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Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Today was the day for our fetal echo ultrasound so that we could find out whether our not Isla has a heart condition associated with her cleft... and it felt like one of the longest days of my life. Hurry up and wait should be the slogan of the day.

It started out like every other day...get up, get ready, get Gemma to daycare and then off to work. Our appointment was in San Bernardino (about an hour away) at 11:30, so we decided to leave town at 10am. Those three hours at work felt more like three days. I show up to my moms work a little before 10 (she was going with me because Randy had to work) and waited for her to be ready to leave, then we drove an hour, just to wait for another hour in the doctors lobby. See...hurry up and wait.

Finally the nurse calls my name and takes us back... now it's 12:30. She stats the ultrasound, just like any other, but all they are looking  is the heart. The technician that was conducting the ultrasound would make a hmmm sound and then write some  on a piece of paper, so I asked her if she something bad. Her response was, "the doctor will have to go over the results with you." Talk about torture!! I wanted to tell her, " Come on lady...give me a little more than an ohh or awe or hmmm, this my baby your keeping secrets about." But I didn't and just laid there patiently as she  finished the test. The good news was  we were going to get the results as soon as the Dr reviewed the tape, so no having to wait another 2 weeks for results (still didn't make the next 20 minutes  any less painfully excruciating...again, hurry up and wait).

Finally...the Dr!!! He  came in, asked me a few questions, sat down and started reviewing the tape. As he was very quietly going over everything (it was so quiet in the room that if you dropped a pin, everyone in the room would have stopped and looked) the nurse opened up a box of tissues and put them on the table next to me. Now I thought I was sure...Isla is going to have a heart issue... now I'm just waiting for the Dr to tell me how bad. They really need to train their nurses better because once the Dr stopped reviewing everything he looked at me and said... "your babies heart is perfectly fine". OMG what a relief!!! He went on to tell me how her heart is exactly where a baby at that gestational age should be. F that nurse for (in my eyes) intentionally trying to torture me some more, but Hallelujah, phew, thank you baby Jesus, God, the universe and everything else larger than us out there!!! Although we are not fully in the clear yet (still have to get  the amnio report back) now that we know her heart is healthy, chances that she has a chromosome missing drastically reduces!!!

Tomorrow we go for the 4d ultrasound,  so hopefully we get a better idea of how bad, or not bad  cleft is.

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