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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Apnea Monitor

In my last post, I left off where we were waiting on the sleep study results, so I'll start there. The results came back in on Wednesday and  they were obstructive apnea! However...they were still going to send us home with an apnea monitor. Apparently all babies are born with a slight case of central apnea, so during the test she held her breath for a period of 13 seconds...which is enough for insurances to send us home with this handy dandy machine that will let us know when and if Isla stops breathing for more than 19 seconds and also if her heartbeat raises too high or goes too low. Sounds like a parents dream come true right? No getting up every hour in a panic, just to "check' if your babies breathing (all you moms know what I'm talking about).  WRONG! Let me introduce you to nightmare number one...
The Apnea Monitor
They should have prescribed a case (yes a case...a bottle wouldn't be enough) of Xanax with this because all it is, is an anxiety builder. The thing goes off...alot! But not because Isla isn't breathing, but because of machine error. So, instead of waking up on my own to make sure she's breathing, I'm being woken by this machine (that sounds just like a smoke alarm going off) to let me know she's not breathing or her hearts not beating. Talk about PANIC! But everything has been just fine with Isla, and this machine might find a new home out in the garage very soon.
Besides the Apnea Monitor, Isla is a very easy baby overall. We've had her  home for a little over a week now and there have been no issues. She eats like a champ and sleeps like a baby. She's up over her birth weight and right on track to have her weight were it needs to be for her first surgery around 3 months  of age. 
Now, the next step is to get her into seeing her cleft team...which has been a whole different obstacle because of HMO bullshit. But hopefully we will have something figured out this week, and on the road to repair.

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